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Metis artifacts, clothing and tool samples

Aboriginal Education Centre



Resource Centre SLAM Room

An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English – Moses, Daniel David
Dream Wheels – Wagamese, Richard
Dreyd – Justice, Daniel Heath
The Explosive Child – Greene, Ross W.
for Joshua – Wagamese, Richard
Great Leaps Reading grades 9-12 – Campbell, Kenneth
Half-Breed – Campbell, Maria
High Interest Aboriginal Theme Book Strategies –
How Raven Stole the Sun – Van Camp, Richard
Ignite the Third Factor – Jensen, Dr. Peter
Keeper’n Me – Wagamese, Richard
Kiss of the Fur Queen – Highway, Tomson
Kynship – Justice, Daniel Heath
Little Metis and the Metis Sash – Delaronde, Deborah L
Lost At School: Why Our Kids With Behavioral Challenges Are Falling Through the Cracks and How We Can Help Them – Greene, Ross W.
Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography – Brown, Chester
Love Medicine – Erdrich, Louise
Moccasin Thunder: American Indian stories for today – Carlson, Lori Marie
Monkey Beach – Robinson, Eden
Morningstar: a warrior’s spirit – Mercredi Morningstar
Native Poetry in Canada –
Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth – Taylor Drew Hayden
Opening Our Arms: Helping Troubled Kids Do Well – Regan, Kathy
Smoke Signals – Alexie, Sherman
Sootface: an Ojibwa Cinderella Story –
Speakers – Logitech
Talking Peace: Restorative Action In Elementary Schools – Hale, Debra
Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency – Fountas, Irene C
that tongued belonging – Dumont, Marilyn
The lesser Blessed – Van Camp, Richard
The Truth About Stories: a native narrative – King, Thomas
Three Day Road – Boyden Joseph
Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborataive Problem-Solving – Greene, Ross W.
When Readers Struggle- Teaching That Works – Pinnell
Wyrwood – Justice, Daniel Heath


List of names in Canada of Aboriginal origin


Grade 4 Metis Cross – Curricular Kit – avail in the resource centre

Grade 4 and 7 Métis Cross-Curricular Teach Guide (DVD included) – the main objective of
The Grade 4 and 7 Cross-Curricular Teacher Guide is to provide teachers with lessons and
resources that focus on the contemporary Métis in British Columbia. It is important
that Métis people are noted for their roles in communities in B.C. and are recognized
as one of the three distinct Aboriginal peoples of Canada.
The activities within the Métis Cross-Curricular Teacher Guide were created
using “inquiry based” learning. Inquiry based learning is a process where student
are involved in their learning, formulate questions, investigate widely and then build
new understandings, meaning and knowledge. The teacher guide contains lessons
in: Science, Visual Arts, Social Studies and Language Arts.

Miscellaneous items

Aboriginal Names

First Nation Literature Unit Sample Assignments Senior High ELA


First Nation Aboriginal Units Updated Information Package

NAHO – Bullying

The National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) has created a web site on bullying for Aboriginal youth, parents and teachers.  The site contains the following:

Three fact sheets: one for youth, one for parents and one for teachers.

Three lesson plans for middle school teachers to help start discussions on bullying with their students, as well as suggestions on strategies to deal with and prevent it in their schools.

A PowerPoint presentation on Aboriginal bullying and lateral violence.

A video message by National Aboriginal Role Model Caitlin Tolley

A poster that can be displayed in schools and community centres.

A link to the Stop Aboriginal Bullying Facebook group which contains information about bullying supports and programs, as well as providing members an opportunity to discuss this issue.

The fact sheets were created with the support of Kids Help Phone, who has been a partner throughout the development of the project.

To visit the site, go to

Please take a look and forward this link to students, parents, teachers and anyone whom you think it would help.

STRONG nations

Gila’kasla Everyone!

We are excited to officially announce that Core Learning Resources has a new name: Strong Nations.

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Strong Readers is a brand new Guided Reading series which will be launched in September, published by Strong Nations Publications.

We are so excited about this new series and when you see them you will know why! All the years we have spent working, and learning about, literacy acquisition will be highlighted in this series which is also embedded in cultural knowledge throughout.  Levels 1-10 will be launched September 17, 2012.
Come back to visit us for a downloadable marketing page soon.

One last tidbit of info, did you know that we have replicated lists of resources from across the country? We are still looking for more but you can check out what we have here:
Canadian Aboriginal Resource Lists:

Thank you all for a great year and we look forward to connecting with you again!

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Heart Smart Kids (hsk) ORDER FORM 2012

HSK Order Form 2012


Woven Together




This looks at the Indian Act as a piece of legislation and understanding what it means for Aboriginal people, past, present and future.

English First Nations 12

This study guide looks at two essays written by First Nations writers. One essay talks about First Nations peoples and their relationship to the english language since colonization. Another essay looks at Indigenous Hip Hop and its importance to First Nations communities as a means of expression.

These two study guides belong to a series of six (6) study guides in total. Each educational guide provides a lesson plan for one of the following senior-level courses: BC First Nations, Communications, English, English First Peoples, Media Arts, and Studio Arts. The lesson plans offer instructors guidelines to introduce students to a variety of topics, including colonialism, stereotypes, social responsibility, national languages, and local activist, artistic, and new media practices.

Grunt’s educational guides combine the BC Ministry of Education curriculum with content from grunt’s archive that was recently made available to the public as a result of the “Activating the Archive” project. “Activating the Archive” resulted in a searchable online database and six curated websites that focus respectively on text-based artworks; sculpture; queer performance practices; socially-engaged art practices; the work of Cree/French Métis artist Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew; and “INDIANacts: Aboriginal Performance Art,” a conference presented by grunt gallery in 2002.

These study guides are the culmination of a year-long “Activating the Archive” project. These six educational guides for secondary school instructors and students.

Smart Start Flyer 2012

SmartStartFlyer 2012

2012 aboriginal day pictures

Curriculum Resource Document

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) has just released a comprehensive curriculum resource document that addresses a current shortage of teaching materials focused on the history, culture and issues facing First Nations, Métis and Inuit people. This is the latest in a series of five Common Threads resources produced by OSSTF/FEESO members. Each one tackles an important topic of social justice and is cross-curricular in nature.

Below is the above noted resource which includes a 250 page resource and accompanying video directed at high school aged youth.  It’s based on the medicine wheel, but could be adapted.

[ ]


A new computer game and website is showing Aboriginal youth they can make the world better for themselves and their community…Engenious brings science concepts to life…



Kids Stop is an interactive site that includes headings such as: Games, People and History, Multimedia, Classroom Resources, and Frequently Asked Questions.  See: